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A Torah Scribe

Torah Scroll Rent


At torahscroll.com you can rent a Kosher Torah Scroll for short period of time. We have smaller Kosher Torah Scrolls that we often rent to Bar Mitzvahs or for special occasions. Sefer Torah Scroll Rental involves some arrangements of security, shipping and making sure the Torah Scroll will arrive safely and come back safely.

Price: $250 for up to 2 weeks. Shipping cost (if needed) whithin the USA is $30 each way.

Before the rent we require one check payment for the rent and another deposit check. The deposit check is only for secutity and the renter is not responsibble for any damages to the Torah during shipping.

To arrange a rent please call Yitzchok Reisman directly 1-718-857-8633.


Please read the About The Sofer page about our Sofer Yitzchok Reisman http://torahscroll.com/show.asp?PID=3